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A27 Performance Soy Blend 1KG – Luxury Candle and Wax melt making kit

A27 Performance Soy Blend 1KG – Luxury Candle and Wax melt making kit

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All Seasons Wax A27 Performance Soy Blend Candle and Wax melt making kit


A27 Performance Soy Blend 1KG bag

Large Vogues x 2

Luxury Candle Lids x 2

Luxury Smart Box for packaging

LCS Turbo cotton wick x 2

LCS 16 x 150mm Double Wood Wick

LCS 40 x 120mm S Wood Wick

Stickums x 6

Wax Melt Clam Shells x 2

All seasons wax candle testing sheet

All seasons wax comparison chart.

Wood Wick Burn Chart

Cotton Wick Burn Chart

*Please note this starter pack does not contain fragrance.   Jars & Packaging colours are subject to change.

At London Luxury Candle Supplies we are dedicated to supplying a superior candle wax. Across the All Seasons Wax range you’ll find different blends each meticulously crafted and balanced to help create candles which perform consistently in all conditions.

Start testing & make the switch today to ASW!

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Join thousands of professional commercial pourers and hobbyist candle makers around the world who have already switched over to All Seasons Wax Company, and are reaping the rewards of selling more candles, receiving more compliments and gaining more and more stockists every day!

All Seasons waxes officially catapulted into the market and have left the competition in the wake. Customers demanded better scent throw, a more stable product to work with and supply chain transparency so All Seasons Wax Delivered! All Seasons Wax Company went from being a hot, new prospect entering the market to being an established force dominating the industry’s heavyweights.

Designed in Australia and utilising innovative manufacturing processes the company have been able to have all the boxes produced fully recyclable and in the process reducing over 600m2 of non-decomposable material.

The range includes a wax suitable for multiple uses across the candle industry from Melts to Pillars, Containers to Moulds.


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